Get your glow on with our Hydrating Sprays! Featuring high performance active ingredients, each Hydrating Spray helps to instantly re-hydrate skin while boosting defenses against environmental stressors. Infused with aloe and natural plant extracts, they can be used on the go throughout the day to refresh and re-charge.

A Different Spray for Every Day

An easy, on-the-go way to instantly re-hydrate + re-glow your skin throughout the day!

We love our hydrating sprays so much, we created four different sensory experiences! Choose a new favorite each season: refreshing Cucumber, soothing Rose, calming Lavender or lively Orange.

    Lighter Than Creams or Oils

    Even the highest quality skin creams and oils can sometimes start feeling a little too heavy or slick on your skin. If you’re looking for a lighter, faster, easier-to-apply alternative, Matrixyl 3000™ is your go-to best face mist on the market. Pick your favorite scent—or better yet, give them all a try!