Our Story


In 2009, Timeless Skin Care was founded to provide quality skin care preparations at affordable, inexpensive pricing, delivering effective results. Our focus on high concentrations of active ingredients with less fillers, less chemicals, and paraben free formulations continues with our everyday operations. Our founder believes in the quality of small batch manufacturing made here in the USA, specifically in Southern California.  

We manufacture on site with complete quality control. We do not rely on third party manufacturers to fill our products and inspect them. “We have invested in ourselves to do the right thing”, states CEO, Veronica Pedersen.

Our CEO continues, “Our efforts over the past years have been a slow and steady climb and organic in nature. I’d rather our products speak for themselves, rather than market and advertise a product that doesn’t perform. Our philosophy is under sell and over deliver”.  Our CEO further states, “Skin care doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective. We are committed to providing results for all”. 

From packaging to consumer product testing of our preparations, we partner with US companies such as Preferred Printing & Packaging in Ontario, CA and Microflex Film Corp in Riverside, CA, and CPT℠ LABS in Fairfield, NJ, to name a few, to provide support and services in various aspects of our finished products.

Our founder, Alex Pedersen, assures our customers, partners, and our entire team, “we are big enough to deliver and small enough to care”.  Timeless Skin Care has efforts in place to be a long standing company with traditional and ethical manufacturing in the USA. We want to be that company that will be around for 100 plus years, with our staff retiring with us and their children inheriting the philosophy we have built of doing the right thing.

We at Timeless Skin Care promise to continue to build our local, national and global community ties and focus on being consistent and never compromising our focus to deliver high quality skin care for all.